Here are a few notes on multi-factor authentication setup.

From the dashboard select ‘IAM’ by searching or navigating under ‘Security, Identity, & Compliance’.

mfa - dashboard nav

From the IAM dashboard navigate to the ‘Activate MFA on your root account->Manage MFA’.

mfa - open manage.png

The Manage MFA Device window appears.  To see compatible apps click the ‘here’ link.  Otherwise download the ‘Google Authenticator’ app for your iPhone.  Click ‘Next Step’.

MFA - Manage MFA device.png

Here you will see instructions for setup of your MFA device.  Scan the bar code box.  Then input the ‘Amazon Web Service’ code from the app on your phone twice.  Once in the Authentication Code 1 box, wait for the code to change, then type the new code into the Authentication Code 2 box.

Note: this screenshot has a picture of my phone to the right of the Manage MFA Device Screen.

Click ‘Activate Virtual MFA’ at the bottom.

mfa - code.png

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