Sign up for free trial and log in to Snowflake.

Select Databases from top pain, and select create.

snowflake - create.png

Name the database ‘Movies’.

snowflake name movies.png

Next let’s create a default warehouse for loading data.
snowflake warehouse create

Name the warehouse Movies.  Select size of X-Small. Click Finish.

snowflake warehouse settings


To start working with snowflake click worksheet.

  1. Schema browser.  Check out database, schema, and table details.
  2. Tabs – contain the name of the worksheet.
  3. + tab – will add a new tab.
  4. Context – be sure to change this to the warehouse, database and schema you want to use.
  5. Run button – executes the SQL you write.
  6. View results.

Snowflake worksheet 2.png

Click drop down to right of context pane to update the database schema of the worksheet. In the example below we select movies warehouse, movies database, and public schema.

snowflake - update worksheet.png

The top right you can switch roles.  Use AccountAdmin to see billing details and credits used.  SecurityAdmin is obviously to update security roles and policies.  Public is the default schema used with each database.

snowflake switch roles

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